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Mudroom Remodel

Here is a new project we just finished working on! We completed her kitchen about 10 years ago and the homeowners wanted to remodel their mudroom to match the Grabill cabinetry she loved so much. Good quality cabinet companies can match a 10, 20 or even 50 year old finish.

Dog Grooming Station

Plenty of room for the puppy!

The tall storage cabinet has a couple of very unique features. The cabinet was built with no floor to it, so she could wheel her vacuum cleaner right into it. The toe space of the cabinet was attached to the doors, so that it looked similar to the adjacent cabinet.

This is the area that the homeowners wanted to groom their dog and have more storage for kitchen items.

For dog grooming, the space between the counter top and the bottom of the wall cabinet needed to be higher than the usual 18”. We figured how much more space was needed and made the adjustment to the wall cabinet. The surface of the counter top had to be scratch resistant, so the nails of her new puppy didn’t scratch it. She chose granite in Ivory Silk.  It is beautiful!!