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That Corner Cabinet: What to do? What to do?

There are more decisions to be made than you think when it comes to that corner cabinet. We’ll look first at that 36” X 36” corner cabinet that is 24” deep. It does depend on your layout, but if both choices are available the first question to answer is diagonal or square?


As you can see, using the square takes a little chunk out of the Susan, but sometimes it’s necessary if there is an appliance next to the cabinet.

Some companies have the shelves of the Susan separate, so they spin independently. When this is done, depending on the company, the upper shelf can be placed on a solid shelf.

The shelves can be made of wire, plastic or wood. Even within that subset, there can be different grades. Depends on the company you’re going to go with. Here at Kitchens by Diane, our companies, Grabill Cabinets and Holiday Kitchens, use a better grade of materials. You don’t have to worry.