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Where to put the microwave?

There are many options when it comes to determining where you will place your microwave. Many people put them over the range. Diane has been doing a lot of different things with them. It depends on how much kitchen space you have and what suits your family.

Microwave in a base cabinet set in an opening.
Microwave in a base cabinet with a trim kit.

Microwave in a base cabinet with a trim kit.

In a base cabinet. This also has the option of being built in with a trim kit or placed in an opening with a finished interior. The cabinet on the right also has a warming drawer under the microwave. You also have an option of setting it in an opening with out the finished interior, but it looks more appealing when it’s finished.

Wall cabinets also have the same options. In wall cabinets, you also have the option of having it sit a little further out on a shelf. Or you can also make the cabinet a little deeper. You can also have a drawer under it or put in a diagonal wall corner cabinet.

Next week, we’ll get into what you can do in a tall cabinet with microwaves.